BMW i – BMW’s solar powered dream

BMW is a brand associated with luxury cars with vroom under the hood and their BMW i project is no different – there is one significant difference though – they’re electric!

The range consists of 2 cars, the BMW i3 which is entirely electric and the i8 which is a hybrid. Both cars are due to be in production next year.
The i3 will take you 100 miles once fully charge and boasts a battery that can be charged to 80% charge in less than 30 minutes.


While the i8 is the sportier versions and offers an impressive 104 mpg , 245 horse power and a top speed of 155 mph – it also looks damned good:


The most off putting thing for most people when it comes to electric cars is the problem of access to charging points but BMW have surged ahead in forming partnerships to ensure that this just isn’t an issue. The most recent unveiling is their partnership with SOLARWATT to  design a solar powered car port charging facility for the car which can also top up the homes electricity.


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