New design unveiled for Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

The new design has recently been revealed for the hospital of tomorrow… well 2017.


The new hospital will be built on the grounds of the existing hospital, right next to it – once the new one is complete the old one will be knocked down and in it’s place a state of the art research facility will be built.

The design makes room for 18 theatres and 23 wards, with the emergency department being one of the biggest in the North West – the hospital itself will be the biggest in England and it’s hoped that the research facility will be the envy of the world.

Aidan Kehoe, chief executive of the areas NHS trust said:
“It means that we can create the Liverpool BioCampus, which will spearhead the transformation of the Knowledge Quarter into a bustling and cosmopolitan hub. It is a unique opportunity to put the city on the world-stage, along with cities like Boston and Singapore. This is incredibly exciting for the people of the city.”

The department of health and the treasury have approved the design (pictured above) which will cost an estimated £335million and will be paid for by a mixture of public (£124million) and private money.

The construction company Carillion have won the contract to construct it and will work with architects: HK and NBBJ, engineers: Capita and technology company: Crown House.

Work is planned start early 2014.

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