The Smithsonian 2013 US National Design awards

The Smithsonian Copper-Hewwit design museum has announced the winners of the 2013 US national design awards.

Product Design: NewDealDesign
For their ‘hands-on approach to address complicated problems and build brave visions that stand above the fray.’
These are the guys who designed:
Fitbit Wireless Trackers:
Interaction Design: Local Projects
Who are a media design company that specialising in work for museums and public spaces. They developed the media for the 9/11 memorial museum:

Design Mind: Michael Sorkin
Who is an architect and author of many books on the subject including:

Corporate & Institutional Achievement: TED
A non profit organisation devoted to sharing knowledge on technology, entertainment and design in the form of Tedtalks.

Lifetime Achievement: James Wines
Who is Professor of Architecture at Pennsylvania State University, USA after establishing architecture firm ‘Site’ and designing more than 150 buildings including the Best tilt building:

Fashion Design: Behnaz Sarafpour
Famous for her modern elegance and innovative textiles, this is from her Autumn collection:

Architecture Design: Studio Gang Architects
Who are a collective of architects based in Chicago, USA who use architecture to respond to current issues. They are responsible for this design of the solar carve tower:

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