‘Sky City’ gets planning permission

‘Sky city’ is a pre-fabricated building design by Broad Sustainable Building Ltd and is billed as a breakthrough in sustainability and architecture.
The building is called ‘Sky city’ for good reasons; it will have within it schools, hospitals, sports facilities, offices as well as 4,450 homes all within the 220 floors.

A sky city resident will produce less than half of the Co2 than an average person – there is no need to drive to school or work – that’s what the lifts are for! On top of this it works out that the average home takes up 1/100th of the ground space of an average home dramatically reducing urban sprawl… In one direction at least. The site will only be 10% taken up by the building and the rest will be park land.

Building permission has now been granted, construction will start in June and is planned to take just 90 days!

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