Volvo’s full size scalectrix track a new way of seeing alternative energy for cars

Electric cars may not be pollution free but they currently look like our best chance of moving away from our dependency on fossil fuels. The major drawback of course is that the energy required to achieve the same results demands batteries that are too big or too heavy to be practical. So Volvo have came up with an ingenious alternative – supplying the power from the roads.


Volvo has constructed a 400m long track to test with vehicles in a system similar to that used successfully in trams around the world.
The system comes with various safety measures; a in order for a current to flow the road must receive a signal transmitted from the vehicle, the vehicle must also be travelling at a speed greater than 37mph.

Written by TreeThinker

Passionate about the Earth and those who inhabit it. An engineer (BEng (Hons), MSEE) from Oxfordshire, UK, specialising in designing for a sustainable future. A member of the Society of Environmental Engineers and a keen environmental advocate who volunteers for several grass roots sustainability groups. I work full time as a project manager for a renewable energy company based in Oxford and also run ‘TreeThinker’ (; converting previous pasture land into a rich permaculture farm growing produce for sale locally. I deliver workshops on sustainable living, including building renewable energy technologies, as well as workshops for schools discussing 'Energy as a resource' amongst other topics. I am qualified in ‘Information, advice and guidance’ (level 4) and experienced at teaching practical skills. I'm also a keen cyclist and have a love of wordplay - writing a blog on etymology (

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  1. Reblogged this on Barryjb's Blog and commented:
    Could we convert existing tram rails so we don’t have to re-install new tram rails? If so this would be a great idea for not only individual transportation but mass transit also.

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