The piston engine has been redesigned and it’s keeping up with the hybrids for energy efficiency.

Namikoshi Electronics have designed a new type of piston engine – the 4 in 1 piston engine which they claim is as energy efficient as a modern hybrid engine. It looks like a a mini-revolution, the uptake of alternative fuels for vehicles has been relatively slow but a increase in efficiency of petrol engine could ease the the pressure on the environment whist we adjust the infrastructure and our mindsets to a make them commonplace. 4 1 engine, efficient The engine is laid out in a similar way to an opposing 4-cylinder engine – rarely seen since the golden age of the VW bug, but rather than pistons connect in line to a crankshaft this engine has a central unit with external rods and a planetary gear so the rods can move back and forth in parallel (as opposed to previously around in concentric circles) this has dramatically increased the efficiency by reducing friction, wasted horizontal motion and vibrations.

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