Solar panel camouflage

Coloured solar panels can now blend in with buildings aesthetics thanks to technology created by CSEM – a not-for profit based in Switzerland.


The technology allows panels of any colour to be used to recover energy from the Sun’s rays. There are also no visible connection. Meaning that panels can be in keeping with the building, road etc and be inconspicuous.

How does it work?

A layer of specially designed plastic is placed over the PV (photovoltaic) cell, instead of impeding the sunlight the plastic filters out much of spectrum of visible light but allows the useful infra red light to pass through.

For more information click here

Written by TreeThinker

Passionate about the Earth and those who inhabit it. An engineer (BEng (Hons), MSEE) from Oxfordshire, UK, specialising in designing for a sustainable future. A member of the Society of Environmental Engineers and a keen environmental advocate who volunteers for several grass roots sustainability groups. I work full time as a project manager for a renewable energy company based in Oxford and also run ‘TreeThinker’ (; converting previous pasture land into a rich permaculture farm growing produce for sale locally. I deliver workshops on sustainable living, including building renewable energy technologies, as well as workshops for schools discussing 'Energy as a resource' amongst other topics. I am qualified in ‘Information, advice and guidance’ (level 4) and experienced at teaching practical skills. I'm also a keen cyclist and have a love of wordplay - writing a blog on etymology (

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