Crap fuel – Kenyan fixes failing sewage system and uses it as power source

Leroy Mwasaru is a student at Maseno School, staying in the new block for 720 students came with problems – A frequently failing sewer system at the base of a pit latrine meant the dorm smelt pretty bad. Add this to the the the lack of fuel for the kitchen and the college experience leaves a lot to be desired.

Leroy set up a human waste bio-reactor that turns the schools waste into biogas. 


An underground reactor stores the waste along with micro-organisms which break it down and produce the biogas.

Not only is this alternative fuel method good for sanitation and reliability but it reduces the schools dependence on fuel from wood via deforestation and improves the health of the cooks (who no-longer have to work with wood burning systems) and students (who no longer have to work in an environment with a failing sewage system).

For more information Click Here

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