Solar powered sponge that boils water

MIT have created a bubble-wrapped sponge structure which boils water using only the suns heat. This relatively low tech and inexpensive solution could provide a sustainable alternative to the kettle and hot could even be used in hot water systems.


The study was led by George Ni and Gang Chen and was published in ‘Nature Energy’ this week.

“It was relatively low optical concentration,” Chen says. “But I kept asking myself, ‘Can we basically boil water on a rooftop, in normal conditions, without optically concentrating the sunlight? That was the basic premise.”

The design uses a sponge like material made of graphite and carbon foam covered in a thin, blue, metallic-like film which absorbs radiation in the visible light spectrum but doesn’t radiate infra-red which means it keeps in the heat.

To read more CLICK HERE.


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