Green light for first stage of Swansea’s tidal lagoon

Britain, as an island, is ideally placed for tidal power and the proposed project at Swansea Bay has is an ambitious one.The project is expected to generate 320MW of clean, renewable electricity to feed into the national grid.

Despite being renewable, clean energy, the project a has previously come under fierce opposition from local government due to its high cost (£1.3billion). However, compared to the competition, such as Hinkley C nuclear plant (£18billion), it’s a bargain and the go-ahead has just been given for the project to get under way.

Last week former energy minister Charles Hendry published a review which called the project a ‘no regrets option’ and paints the project as a prototype for things to come.

The lagoon takes advantage of the natural movement of the tides; as the tide comes in the man-made banks hold back the water and direct it to flow through turbines which generate electricity.


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