TreeThinker joins the Landworkers’ Alliance

TreeThinker has joined the Landworkers’ Alliance – A grassroots union representing farmers, growers and land based workers. We are proud to be part of this fantastic organisation which is providing small scale producers a voice on the future of agriculture in the UK.

In joining, TreeThinker has signed up to the principles of the Landworker’s alliance, which are:

“We stand for a food system based on the principles of food sovereignty where everybody has access to healthy, regionally produced, affordable food from farmers they can trust.

We stand for a food system that protects the well-being of people here and around the world, the health of the environment and the ability of future generations to provide for themselves.

We want to see power put back in the hands of producers and local communities rather than supermarkets and industrial processors.

We believe that farmers and communities must be at the heart of decision-making and have a strong voice in agricultural policy making.”


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Written by TreeThinker

Tea / Permaculture / Technology I'm an engineer (BEng (Hons), MSEE) specialising in the sustainable application of appropriate technologies. I'm a keen environmental advocate and I run TreeThinker; converting former cattle grazing land in West Oxfordshire into a rich, permaculture farm. I also deliver workshops on sustainable living, including building and using renewable energy technologies.