Green Permaculture Gifts

Our green gifts are a fantastic way to to give this Christmas whilst helping to support our fledgling permaculture farm.

Gifts include sponsoring the rescuing of chickens from factory farming to be re-homed, to live free-range at our permaculture farm.

Through sponsorship of animals and plants at Sharney Bridge Farm, your gift will help support the local ecosystem and encourage wildlife to flourish.

For more information or to purchase, Click Here.

Written by TreeThinker

Tea / Permaculture / Technology I'm an engineer (BEng (Hons), MSEE) specialising in the sustainable application of appropriate technologies. I'm a keen environmental advocate and I run TreeThinker; converting former cattle grazing land in West Oxfordshire into a rich, permaculture farm. I also deliver workshops on sustainable living, including building and using renewable energy technologies.