About TreeThinker

TreeThinker is dedicated to giving people the knowledge and skills to create small scale renewable energy technology at home.

TreeThinker’s goals:

  • Support individuals with small budgets to use available renewable energy technologies
  • Educate people about how to build and maintain renewable technology equipment
  • Promote renewable technologies as a viable alternative to fossil fuels
  • Promote new developments in the renewable technology industry
  • Reduce carbon emissions


TreeThinker is run by Shane Kelly.

Shane working on a tiny house


Shane Kelly:

Shane Kelly is an engineer (BEng (Hons) MSEE) from Oxfordshire, UK, specialising in designing for a sustainable future. He is a member of the Society of Environmental Engineers and a keen environmental advocate who volunteers for several grassroots sustainability groups, to find out more read his Project Portfolio.

Shane works full time as a project manager for a renewable energy company based in Oxford. He also runs ‘TreeThinker’ (www.treethinker.org); an organisation promoting DIY renewable energy technology and encouraging the decentralisation of energy production.

He delivers workshops and advice on building renewable energy technology for the home, as well as workshops for schools discussing ‘Energy as a resource’. He is qualified in ‘Information, advice and guidance’ (level 4) and experienced at teaching practical skills.

Shane is also keen cyclist and has a love of wordplay – writing a blog on etymology (www.etymologyotd.com).

Or visit his LinkedIn page.