About TreeThinker

TreeThinker is converting 10 acres of pasture lane into an organic, permaculture farm raising animals and growing organic, edible fruit and vegetables in accordance with permaculture principles, in order to create produce for sale locally. The farm will also act as an education centre, passing on theoretical and practical skills relating to permaculture principles and techniques.

Organisation aims:

  • Convert 10 acres of grazing land into a sustainable, permaculture farm
  • Rescue farm animals from unethical conditions, to become free range, organic animals who live happily whilst providing food for sale locally
  • Grow high yields or produce per acre of farmland
  • Provide organic food for sale locally
  • Provide education creating edible spaces
  • Educate people on changes that can help them to live more sustainably
  • Promote permaculture techniques and encourage people to grow their own food
  • Encourage people to buy from local suppliers

Find our more about past projects in the Project Portfolio.